Monthly Archives: February 2010

DIY Ripped Tights Tutorial

What’s studded, spiked and rhinestoned?

What’s studded, spiked and rhinestoned? The newest DA headband of course! Click here to view listing. I’ve been in such a destroy pretty mode I’ve been spiking, studding and ripping clothes, accessories and shoes. Thinking about making a couple youtube tutorial videos like how to shred tights so they look like this, Yes? No? Maybe?

Keith Haring by House of Field Party

HELLLOOOO Internet! It’s been forever since we last talked. Missed you all mucho. I trust that you’ve all been good, keeping out of harms way, shopping and following me on twitter 😀 ‘Bout to start rhinestoning but wanted to blog some pics from the Keith Haring by House of Field’s party couple weeks ago. […]