Monthly Archives: August 2009

Checking In

Today I woke up to one of the maintenance staff banging on my door because the dumbos living on the floor above me flooded their apartment. When he told me that I had water damage, the first thing I did was check my closets. I wanted to make sure none of my clothes were wet! Lol. […]

It’s CONTEST time!

Soo couple days ago, I told you all that I saw something really cute at the supermarket and that I had to buy it and give it away as part of a contest, well … that day is finally here! Give-Away Starts: August 20, 2009 Give-Away Ends: August 28, 2009 – 11.59 EST To win […]

We’re on a new server!

As many of you may know, last month I had a mini panic attack. Every other day, my server was emailing me about how my site was about to reach bandwidth limit.  My hosting fees were building up to crazy ridiculous amounts! So I thought to myself there had gotta be a better way and alas, […]